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The apartment, as part of the residence Le Pas au Loup, is extremely well located in near proximity to all sort of activities and services. Be it winter or summer, you will certainly find something interesting to do and without the need for a car. In the provided GoogleMaps screenshot above:

  1. The Grand Massif Express: this is the gondola that in only 8 minutes brings you to Samoëns 1600. This is part of the Grand Massif ski resort with more than 140 pists and a total of 260 Km runs. It also runs in summer (July-August). You can go directly on foot from the apartment and it is just a couple of minutes walk.
  2. Ski-rental, paragliding, bakery and pizzeria: just on the opposite side of the street there is a very convenient ski-rental shop. It is also opened in summer for paragliding and bikes. Next door to the ski-rental there is a pizzeria for a quick and easy dinner. There is also a very good bakery where you can have delicious croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, various crusty French bread and many other bakery products. You can also enjoy an “après ski” sitting on the small terrace.
  3. La table de Fifine: very good restaurant with delicious local menus such as the cheese fondue with champagne and mushrooms or the 250gr beef filet that you grill in small pieces on the provided hot stone. The owner is a wine expert who would be delighted to give you advises on how to combine wines and courses. This great restaurant is less than 5 minutes walk from the apartment. See their web-site for more information.
  4. Samoëns centre: a pleasant short walk along a straight and flat street will bring you in less than 10 minutes to the roundabout where the pedestrian area starts. There you will find a pharmacy, a news & tobacco shop, a bank, an InterSport shop and many more other shops in the pedestrian area and the main square. The Grenier Savoyard is must-visit food shop. You will find a delicious selection of hams, sausages, cheese, honey, wine, and many other local products. If you buy your raclette cheese here then you can borrow a raclette grill for one evening for free. We recommend you buy a mix of cheese with the normal raclette cheese, the fumée (smoked) and the chevre (goat). We also recommend the viande de grison, if you buy the ham to go with the raclette.
  5. Ice skating centre: a brand new outdoor ice rink that has been open to public in 2015. This is also just about 10 minute walk.
  6. Leisure centre: very nice in summer, the leisure centre offers tennis & football pitches, two swimming pools and a water slide and many other outdoor activities. Also in winter it offers some entertainment possibilities with the theatre and cultural centre Le bois aux Dames. The leisure centre is less than 5 minutes walk.
  7. Lake & park: the leisure centre includes a large nature park along the river Le Giffre with two beautiful small lakes separated by a pedestrian bridge over a small cascade. The fantastic crystal clear water reflects the mountain peaks around creating a relaxing and colourful landscape. The entrance of the adventure park where it is possible to climb threes and walk on ropes extending between the threes is located next to the lake.

Moreover, there are a large number of trails departing from the park or along Le Giffre and you can certainly find the right length and difficulty for you.